Orvis Hot Springs


Beautifully landscaped and serene, Orvis Hot Springs in Ridgway is a clothing-optional hot springs destination with seven geothermal pools as well as private soaking tubs.

The Pond is reminiscent of a mountain lake, with natural rock boulders that provide abundant places to sit, recline and relax. A pebble bottom feels wonderful on the feet and adds to the all-natural ambiance.

Other pools include the Island Pond with a waterfall feature; Smoker’s Pond for cigarette-smoking only; the Lobster Pot, the hottest pool; North Pond, which is bathwater warm; the Cold Plunge is chilly and refreshing; the Watsu Pool is for aquatic body therapy; and there’s also an indoor pool and two private soaking tubs.

Orvis Hot Springs also offers a variety of massage treatments that take place in lavishly appointed yurts. Accommodations include six guest rooms with access to the community kitchen. Tent and vehicle camping options are also available.

Orvis Hot Springs
1585 Co Rd 3
Ridgway, CO 81432

A Quick History of Orvis Hot Springs

Usurping Native Lands

After the Native American Ute tribe were removed from the land, Sarah Jarvis Orvis and her first husband A.H. “Billy” Jarvis claimed the hot springs as part of their ranch. It was said that Chipeta, Chief Ouray’s wife, was particularly incensed about the loss of the hot springs.

Staking a Claim

After Billy died, Sarah and her second husband Lewis Orvis Sr. opened Orvis Plunge in 1919. The couple built a pool and added a fishing lake and a clubhouse. They sold Orvis Plunge in 1933. In 1961, a fire destroyed the clubhouse building. The only thing left standing was the fireplaces.

Resort Returns to its Family Roots

Other owners included Lois and Paul Witt, who constructed the current building at Orvis Hot Springs. Next, Jeff Kerbel purchased it and was granted permission by the Orvis family to use their surname. It was Kerbel who began the clothing-optional tradition. In 2005, the Orvis family reacquired the property. They have continued to beautify the resort through vigilant maintenance and spectacular landscaping.