Avalanche Ranch Cabins & Hot Springs

Spectacular Views Near Marble

A family-owned resort nestled in the beautiful Crystal River Valley, Avalanche Ranch Cabins & Hot Springs features three geothermal pools in a tiered alignment that blend gracefully into the natural surroundings. From the soaking pools, visitors have knockout views of the Elk Range and Mt. Sopris.

The water at Avalanche Ranch is 100-percent pure and chemical-free for the ultimate wellness soak. Additionally, 14 health-boosting minerals dissolved in the water add to the therapeutic benefits of relaxing in the hot springs. Temperatures of the two upper pools range from 103˚ to 105˚F, while the larger pool fluctuates between 88˚ and 94˚F.

Aside from soaking, Avalanche Ranch offers charming lodging including 13 log cabins, four sheep wagons, a tiny home and a large house. With a stocked fishing pond, river access, yard games and more, there is also plenty to do. Overnight guests have unlimited, all-day access to the hot springs, while day visitors can choose either a 4-hour morning or afternoon soaking time.

Avalanche Ranch Cabins & Hot Springs
12863 Highway 133
Redstone, CO 81623

The History of Avalanche Ranch Cabins & Hot Springs

 Hot Springs Gamble

The Ogilby family has known since 1978 that geothermal springs existed on the east side of the Crystal River. But what about on the west side, where Avalanche Ranch is located? In 1999, the family hired a team of experts who determined there was only a 50 percent chance of that being the case. For the Ogilbys, those weren’t good betting odds.

Leave it to the Kids

In the winter of 2008, Kayo Ogilby, a teacher at Colorado Rocky Mountain School, took his geology class on a field trip in the vicinity of Avalanche Ranch. His students noticed hot vents coming from under the highway melting the piles of snow along the road. The discovery was enough to boost the family’s confidence that a geothermal source could be found on the west side of the highway. After drilling a well, they hit a thermal spring with an excellent flow rate.

Warming Up

In the summer of 2010, the Olgilbys installed a super-insulated pipeline from the well to Avalanche Ranch, and by October began the construction of the hot spring pools. At the same time, they also worked on adding infrastructure that would allow for the geothermal heating of all future buildings on the property.

Cascade of Hot Spring Pools

As geothermal water flows from the upper tank, the heaviest minerals settle out to form a beautiful red layer of travertine. From there, it cascades over a waterfall and mixes with oxygen to form a lower travertine shelf. The two upper pools are the hottest, topping out at 105° F, with the larger, lower pool comfortably warm around 90°F.