Merrifield Homestead Cabins & Hot Springs

Buena Vista

Set amid a stunning location on the banks of Cottonwood Creek in the Gunnison National Forest, Merrifield Homestead Cabins feature two beautifully remodeled mining cabins with private hot springs. Ideal for couples and gatherings with family and friends, the cabins are also pet-friendly.

Merrifield Cabin is the larger of the two; originally built in the 1920s. Holloway Cabin is smaller, dating to the 1800s. Each has been lovingly refurbished and modernized. They once sheltered the hardworking miners of the area seeking their fortune in the area’s plentiful gold and silver deposits. Today, cabins welcome guests with top-end amenities that go above and beyond like outdoor speakers, pellet or wood-burning stoves, custom-built outdoor decks and propane-powered firepits.

Hot springs are all-natural, containing pure geothermal water. Each cabin boasts its own soaking pool that ranges in temperature between 104˚ and 106˚F for a thoroughly relaxing experience. Discretely screened, the pools offer guests privacy for clothing-optional soaking.

Merrifield Homestead Cabins & Hot Springs
19320 County Road 306
Buena Vista, CO 81211
Merrifield Homestead Cabins & Hot Springs

A Quick History of Merrifield Homestead Cabins & Hot Springs

Helping Miners Come Clean

Merrifield Homestead Cabins & Hot Springs was once called Charlotte Hot Springs Resort, named in honor of the family’s matriarch. She was married to Roy Merrifield, and together the couple raised a family surrounded by the natural beauty and bounty of Mother Nature. In the 1930s, for just 25 cents, they offered miners the opportunity to bathe and soak their weary bones in the rejuvenating water.

Geothermal Growing

In addition to the therapeutic benefits of soaking in the hot springs at Merrifield Homestead Cabins, the family-owned property also puts the geothermal BTUs to work growing plants in energy-efficient greenhouses. Merrifield’s Garden Hut and Greenhouse began in the 1970s and has blossomed into a business that produces a variety of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees that ironically get their start in a warm in nurturing environment which also happens to be located in one of the coldest and harshest climates in Colorado.