The Springs Resort & Spa

Pagosa Springs

A sight to behold, The Springs Resort and Spa is situated along the San Juan River and boasts an astounding 24 mineral hot spring pools. The pools are artfully terraced, providing spectacular views of the surrounding natural beauty.

The mineral-rich water that supplies the pools is sourced from the mother spring, which is also the record-holder for the world’s deepest geothermal springs.

Guests who stay on-site at The Springs have 24-hour access to the hot springs. Early birds and night owls can enjoy the exclusive privacy and serenity of off-peak soaking times. Lodging options include classic, deluxe and luxury accommodations.

For maximum relaxation, guests to the Pahgosa Spa may combine therapeutic mineral hydrotherapy with spa treatments. The Pahgosa Spa offers a full menu of spa services that include massage, body treatments and facials.

Other resort amenities include several dining venues, a retail boutique and opportunities to book outdoor adventures.

The Springs Resort & Spa
165 Hot Springs Blvd
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

A Quick History of The Springs Resort & Spa

First Visitors

For countless generations, Native Americans in southwestern Colorado enjoyed bathing in the mineral hot spring water in Pagosa Springs.

A Federally Approved Health Destination

Later, the U.S. Army became interested in studying the health benefits of the water. They concluded, “The waters of Pagosa are without a doubt the most wonderful and beneficial in medicinal effects that had ever been discovered.” The glowing reports attracted more settlement. In 1881, the first bathhouse was built on the property. Serviced by the railroad, the town and its hot springs were a destination for health-seeking travelers through the mid-1930s. In the 1950s, motel lodging was added.

Famous Guests

Famous visitors included WWII war hero Major Jimmy Doolittle. His wartime bravery in leading Doolittle’s Raid on Tokyo is legendary. John Wayne also visited the springs when he was filming the movie, “The Cowboys” in the 1960s.

Taking the Lead

The Springs Resort and Spa has changed hands several times over the years—most recently in 2018. The current owners consider it a great responsibility to be stewards of this remarkable property for future generations.

Hot Springs in Pagosa Springs
Hot Springs in Pagosa Springs